for Lysistrata: 

Louisa Hollway put in a star performance as the title role, creating an intriguingly flawed version of Lysistrata, barb-tongued but powerfully driven. - James Beagon 


for Taking Care of Baby:

"This is Louisa Hollway, and she is electrifying." - Oliver Moody 


for New Electric Ballroom:

"In a sea of strong performances, the stand-out is undoubtedly Louisa Hollway as the truly heartbreaking Clara. Her performance is at times beautifully childlike ..." - Caitlin Macmillan

"Louisa Hollway’s outstanding performance as Clara can be devastating, as when we witness her heartbreak at the hands of sexier sister Breda (Ellie Hafner). But she is equally hilarious delivering lines that unexpectedly shatter the prevailing atmosphere. When she breaks a painfully tense silence with the line, ‘there’s a terrible lull in the conversation’, one cannot help but laugh out loud." - Anna Milne

for No Exit:

"Louisa Hollway plays a hauntingly disarming yet vicious Inez, driving those around her to suicide through jealousy and frightening bitterness." - Emily Hawes

"Louisa Hollway was spiky and powerful in the role of Inez: she shows a great understanding of the character, and manages to be rather unnerving." - Max Marenbom